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  • college grads

    The GOP’s opening with Young Voters

    By Jennifer Rubin The GOP’s problem with younger voters is relatively new. Richard Nixon won 52 percent of  voters under 30 in 1972. Ronald Reagan won 59 percent of the youth vote in 1984. In ...
  • obama voters

    The GOP’s Huge, Growing Modernity Gap

    Republicans’ problem with young voters isn’t about stray stupid comments, writes Lloyd Green, but its retrograde approach to technology, culture and modernity. The modernity gap that haunted the...
  • Sooners for Romney!

    Report details how GOP lost young voters

    By Katie Glueck A new postmortem on the November elections from the nation’s leading voice for college Republicans offers a searing indictment of the GOP “brand” and the major challenges the...
  • Dave1

    You’re (Still) Doin’ Fine, Oklahoma

    By Chairman Dave Weston Oklahoma continues to demonstrate that we have world-class leadership, world-class basketball, and world-class entertainers. Thank you Blake, Reba, Vince, Toby and company for...
  • "Rock the Boat" Asian OU invited us to speak at their voter registration drive. Great group of fresh Americans!

    Millennials: More Divided Than Ever

    By Mark Silva Young people are polarized — more so than ever in their views of President Barack Obama. This is the biggest take-away from a new Harvard Institute of Politics survey of Americans...
  • grad

    Democrats Risk Alienating Young Voters by Opposing Cuts in Entitlement Spending

    This article appeared in print as Robbing the Cradle By Charlie Cook My National Journal colleague Ron Brownstein wrote a column for last week’s magazine that I thought was the most important...
  • Headshot

    Chairman’s Blog: Whistling in the Dark

    By Matt Pinnell As we said last week, while we welcome a drop in the unemployment rate, the March unemployment numbers are far from the reality of America’s employment situation. Five times as...
  • okgop ogo

    Release: The Real Unemployment Numbers

    (Oklahoma City)–Oklahoma Republican Party (OKGOP) Chairman Matt Pinnell released the following statement today in reaction to March’s job numbers: “While we welcome a drop in the...
  • 090711-minimum-wage-lg

    Dreams of a Job: The Damage of a Minimum Wage Hike

    By David Lewis, CFE In 2006, I authored an op-ed article published in the Oklahoman regarding the debate over the minimum wage, discussing the negative impacts a dramatic increase in that wage would...
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